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Default Re: nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 HELP with NEW game!!


Windows ME is....a little dated. And definately undesirable - Win98SE was a better performing OS, and it predated it.

128mb of ram is...well, not enough.

Athlon (not XP!) at 1.3ghz...a little slow.

Soundblaster PCI without EAX 2!? My, that's an old card...

Seriously, you are looking at a pretty substantial set of upgrades, here. MININUM, to get this game working, you'll need to upgrade your ram and your video card - as noted, the Radeon 9100 PCI is probably your best bet. Here is a link to the best deal on this card I could find.

You're kinda on your own with the ram, because I don't know what your system takes.

Seriously, though? Might want to look at a whole new PC - especially if you plan on playing any other games released this year. If you really wanted to do some research on PCs and get knowledgeable about the hardware, you could probably piecemeal upgrade your current system throughout the year at a substantial cost savings, and get a faster-than-store-bought system in the end, anyway....but it's a hobby and a half!

If you wanted to consider a simple, 'off-the-shelf' aware you will be paying more and getting less than a do-it-yourself solution, but...

This guy at Best Buy isn't a bad buy. Maybe you could sell your current system for a few hundred bucks to a family member, or give it to your kids (or nieces/nephews, whatever) or something.
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