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Originally posted by lucianpoe

We all too got through this mud. Try following the instructions described here:
and see if this works for you. From my experience with both Windows XX and RedHat XX, doing a "clean" install is the best medicine you can "treat" your PC with.

Post your results (PS: to test it, run "glxgears"; if you installed "cleanly", you should get 4770.400 FPS and above consistently).

-- Lucian

So far, I'm still getting the same results. I read through your thread and it appears to be the exact same issue I encountered. I've followed your instructions to the letter, but even rebuilding the GLX from src did not fix the problem for me. Same error as before, "(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize theNVdriver kernel module!".

This is a clean install or as clean as it can be given that I've loaded from the RH cds and then it's patched my system with a bunch of RPMs. Just another one of those little frustrations.

FWIW, the rpms were compiled into the i386 directory and not the i686 (under /usr/src/redhat/RPMS). I am booting into linux-2.4.18-17.8.0 (my only choice).
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