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Default Re: nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 HELP with NEW game!!

Since we are not sure if an AGP slot actually exists, maybe we could find out. If you open your computer case you will see a few white slots all lined up. Then towards the center of the motherboard you may see a brown slot of equal length to the white ones, but set more back than the white slots. That brown slot would be an AGP slot, which means you can purchase an AGP video card instead of PCI video card. AGP is much faster so if you have the brown slot, definetly buy an AGP video card. I've attached a photo of PCI slots with an AGP slot on the right side. On the left hand side is a very short brown slot, that is NOT AGP, it's something else you don't need.

Some good AGP choices for your PC would be:

Nvidia Geforce FX5700 non-ultra for $125us
ATI Radeon 9600XT for $151us

And Welcome to
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