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Default Re: Lars

Originally Posted by Venturi
I don't understand how anyone is getting these 66,000+ scores either.

If I was to draw out a chart, in order to fet 66,000, I would have to overclock my card 35% and my cpu's 20%.

I fail to see how higher than 66,000 is possible

However with Quake 3 Arena patch 1.17 (smp enabled) I get over 600fps on Quaver r_swapinterval 0, timedemo 1.

I understand that doom 3 is smp capable...can't wait.

Some of those scores are "Cheats" but some are legit. Hiwayman has the true AQ3 score to date 70010. You have to realize though he has mega cooling and is running a sponsored rig.

Here's his score
P4 3.0C HT . Intel 865GLC Mobo . Corsair Twinx 1024/3200C2 @ 2-3-3-6 . eVGA 5900nu

3DMark03: 6705
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