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Default Re: nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 HELP with NEW game!!

Originally Posted by shaniarll
Apart from the ignorant baffooons that were probably born with a mouse pad in their hand - thank you very much for the replys.

This is a learning curb for me and i have a fair idea about what to do - and not what to i think i will buy a playstation 2!! Only kiddin.
I have taken the information on board and will take it from there.

Thank you very much for the help

Everyone gotta start somewhere... not implying this is your 1st computer but my 1st one was bought back in "march '96"(b-day present to muself). It had...

486DX4 100mhz/8mb EDO memory/1mb cirus logic pci video card/850mb HD/4x cdrom/Opti ISA sound card/14.4k ISA modem/mini tower case/generic AT keyboard, serial mouse, cheap speakers and all it came with was DOS6.22

All for the low low price of $1300, hows that for a kick in the pants! Needless to say, i had fun while i could with it and upgraded it every chance i got till it became obsolete.

Ps- Building a computer really depends on what you plan to do with it. GL
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