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Default Re: How does NVIDIA support Linux developers?

Cg for Linux is really nice - and pretty much all you need. And according to Nvidia's developer support staff a AMD64 version should be in the works - I really hope this is the case and we'll see the results soon... ;-)

Most other (Windows) dev tools are useless for Linux developers, porting them would be a waste of time (lotsa DirectX specific thingies and a pretty useless plugin for good old crappy Photoshop).

But there are quite a few problems with Linux developer support, starting with better driver support - I have a Quadro 3000G on AMD64, the drivers are pretty unstable and offer neither 32bit compatibility nor the genlock control panel, no OpenGL 1.5 and no SLang support - OpenGL2 and OpenML beta drivers would be cool, too...

I think the best thing Nvidia could do would be to create a simple registration for developers (no hassle, fill a form and hit "OK"; becoming a registred developer right now is next to impossible) and grant them access to beta drivers and software (daily snapshots or something).
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