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Yeah you can do with 720mb. But that would mean your swap partion wont be too big if you start chucking in fancies.

I have the 100mb version of Linux. Its real nifty just the basics. Lowest system i have seen linux running on was a 486 with 12 mb of some ancient ram.

I personally prefer kde over gnome (i dont know just my personal taste). KDE is a heavy weight ui but it is just as tastefull as gnome but it does not stress my rig too much. Applications in gnome seen to be a lot slower compared to KDE eg. coderight and forte.

My only qualm is that the latest version of KDE does not work on the suns!!! It should be able to load but it keeps doing massive core dumps and goes back to login.

I also changed my system. Now i have a sunBlade258. My custom version of kde works but gnome does not.

Fluxbox looks very nice. I like its simplicity and its style. I will chuck on a high resz screen of my work environment soon. I am using KDE2.1.1.
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