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Default Re: NVidia / XMMS OpenGL plug-ins bug

I have also had a simaler problem with xmms and the visualsation plugins. it got so bad on my old mdk9.2 box i had to delete all .xmms settings after a bad exit, or xmms would sigfault everytime i tried to reopen it - because the plugin would try to start again as soon as i opened xmms. not sure who's fault it is, but it did seem better in mdk 10, with the 5000+ drivers. i say did, because it was stable for around a week, even using the goom plugin, it now exits if i try activate a plugin. Totem also uses a simaler goom plugin, and that works fine.

This peed me off for ages, i bugged xmms, they blaime nvidia, so how come it has started to happen on my ati rage mobilty too ??

dunno who's fault it is, been experiencing it since redhat 8 and my just wish also it would be sorted soon
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