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Default Re: Black screen after Fedora Core 2 Test 3

Having read the above thread to the best of my ability
I conclude that it is presently impossible to continue trying to use
Fedora >as it is released< with my nVidia graphics board.

Why won't, or better yet, when will the folks at nVidia step in and
provide a corrected driver which will keep up with the kernel

Again, as I read it, it is not an issue of any one specific vendor's
distribution (i.e. Fedora vs. Mandrake vs. Suse, etc.) but rather
the Linux kernel development which is seeking to optomize the
use of stacks to improve threading capability. It seems to me
that this is something inevitable which nVidia will be forced to
deal with if it wishes to continue to support Linux at all.
It cannot resonably expect the Linux community to freeze its
Linux kernel revision just to maintain hardware compatibility with
its graphic cards. That just is not an option. Linux will move on,
and so must driver development move on and keep pace.

So if there are nVidia company reps monitoring these posts,
please give us the next revision of the driver which will accomodate
the later Linux kernels with all possible dispatch.
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