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Default Re: Black screen after Fedora Core 2 Test 3

Originally Posted by dpw2atox
nvidia does not support testing/beta operating systems. Also this is a kernel feature that is not enabled by default in other distros. Once Fedora Core 2 Final is released im sure that nvidia will have a driver release follow shortly there after. While it is not convienant for testers this is a test release for a reason. The Fedora Devel team says that things will be broken and this is not for normal use. In this case the nvidia driver is broken on their custom kernel. I recomend you download the latest source from and just make a new kernel and you will have a nice running system.
You are forgetting that 4KSTACKS will cease to be an option as of the soon-to-be-released version of Linus' kernel, being enabled by default. The current 2.6.x kernel is the last one where the present nvidia driver will ever work.
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