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Originally posted by Spectral
How do your examples directly relate to videocards that are out now?

My Ti4600 destroys the Radeon 8500 in 3dmark, and it destroys it in real world games.

The 8500 destroys a GeForce DDR in 3dmark, and it destroys it in real world games.

Where is the real world example of your theory here?
I understand the point you are trying to make. And Pelly pretty much sums up my thoughts... 3dmark is for an overall score... It takes into account many things, such as fillrate, pixel shading, vertex shading, bump mapping, cpu limited, fill rate limited etc etc.

It is way more of an overall benchmark, than a specialized benchmark. So, your examples arent really valid... Perhaps if 3dmark only benchmarked the cards say.. memory bandwith. Then a Parhelia would score 11,000 and a GeForce Ti4600 5,000.. Then you could say it has nothing to do with real gaming scenarios.

And yes, all graphic engines are different. It still is a very valid benchmark.

And dont for one second tell me that if you were given a choice of taking a Videocard that scored 20,000 3dmarks over the card that you currently have that you wouldnt take it... Cause if you say you wouldnt, You are a liar.
Did you even read the post and try to understand the example I gave?

Oh, and my current card is a geforce2, so I would take ANY newer card (except an mx)
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