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Question Modeline problem: nvidia driver moved screen to the left

I have GeForce 2/MX 400and I'm using Gentoo Linux.
Before instaling 'nvidia' I've configured both console display (using SVGATextMode) and X (using XVidTune) to the same resolution (so I can between both console and graphic displays without monitor-reset-and-degauss).

After installing 'nvidia' my screen under X is moved to the left (about 4 or 8 pixels).
How can I configure 'nvidia' to use my old ModeLine ?

(ModeLine in /etc/X11/XF86Config is still the same one but 'nvidia' seems to be doing something wrong).

I could increase pixel clock and move the screen (for example using xvidtune) but then switching between console and graphics will produce screen flashing and degauss so my display will be unusable for a short while.

If anyone have some ideas what to do - I'll be gratefull for any help.

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