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Originally posted by RAST
Too bad SIS is "focusing" on the Intel market now instead of AMD. I really liked having an alternative to VIA. And I own both!
Oh, on the contrary!

SiS 746 is their latest AMD offering and the specs look nice!

ECS is currently testing this chipset and gearing up to release some boards based on it in time for Christmas. One website (can't recall at the moment - might have been T-break or something like that) got their hands on a review sample and gave it a good score. It's about as good as ECS K7S5A - stable, rock solid, but not good at overclocking.

As for the infinite loop, I don't get it at all on my system unless I install Logitech MouseWare so if you got that bloated garbage in your system, excorcise it!! All you really need from a Logitech MouseWare package is the updated core drivers. The rest is dreck!
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