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Default help with suse 9.0 on shuttleX

OK I have just gotten a shuttle x systom and went to put suse 9.0 pro. I still have xp on the box but need to take it off. i go to turn on the computer it gos through the linux, windows, safe setup then into boot from hard drive where then you can move the selecter down up to five spots. i let it go through hard drive load and the screen gos to black and white squigalys. next it will go to a blue screen that looks like it should be the suse desktop. but its all blurry. It sayd in the setup that I need to get something of the nvidia site to make the built in vid card work right but I dont know when to put it in. this is my first time using linux so plez help!!! I was told it has something to do with the line "" I got no idea help me before I throw my new comp out the window. sorry for my crappy spelling I have been up for 3 days I need help....
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