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Default Nvidia installer under suse linux 9,0

first i am a complete newbie trying to dump windows for linux. so far i like it athough i am having the damnedest time with some parts. the nvidia installer is telling me that i have a version installed aready and asks if i want to install the new 5336 version. WHICH OF COURSE I WANT TO DO. however it tells me that it needs to build a kernel and asks if i should do that, and i answer yes, but then it tells me that i cannot log onto the internet to get some file that it needs. after a week it is driving me a little batty. first of all i have no idea how to log into the internet without the kde desktop and the desktop is history when i type INIT 3. its telling me to install the rpm? i am at a loss. i am doing everything word for word with the instructions which i printed out to make sure I do it right. can anyone help. email me if u think it is appropriate. I dont know how to get to the log files so i did not include one. i am a really new to linux person please help if at all possible.
thank u in advance
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