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You can bet that Id much rather have a card that could churn out 200fps on their most stressful techdemo than a card that could only churn out 20fps.... Now, I assume that Nvidia tech demos would obviously be optimized for Nvidia cards. But, I have heard that the 9700 destroys the Ti4600 in some of Nvidias tech demos, and scores higher in 3dmark 2k1.

Whether or not the card is STABLE, with high image quality is something that has nothing to do with those benchmarks. That would be a driver issue that ATI would have to sort out, but I can tell you right now.. That if the drivers for the 9700 are stable, I will definetely be getting that card (Thanks to the compusa replacement policy )

Same goes with 3dmark. Isnt that the point of a benchmark?
Like I said before... I agree with what you are saying to a point, but to say that 3dmark is useless garbage just isnt quite factually right. Those scores do add up to performance on most, if not all 3d engines that are used in games today.
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