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Question A few Questions Need Answering Please.

G'Day Everyone,

Thanks for the info from my last post. It helped a lot. I have finally gotten my nvidia drivers installed and they are for the most part working well. However, there are some things I am not aware of and am hoping I can have everyone take a look at this file:

and tell me if anything seems odd. I have added the "NoLogo" option to my XF86Config file to avoid the logo, but now I am looking into something a little more complex.

Everything seems to run well. However, when I try to run chromium or Frozenbubble ( cause that is what is available ) when I try to go to a full screen for either my machine screen goes black ( normal when mode changing) and the sound skips really fast and then the machine is hosed. I have to actually turn off the machine to get it to work again.

I have been looking at a couple things in the readme file. One that caught my attention is below:

Q: When I run GameX, it crashes when changing video modes; what's wrong?

A: You are probably experiencing the problem described above. Please check the text output for the "WARNING" message describe in the previous hint. Setting __GL_SINGLE_THREADED to 1 as described above, before running GameX will fix the problem.

However, I DO NOT get this message, just the above skipping sound and then darkness.

WARNING: Your system is running with a buggy dynamic loader.
This may cause crashes in certain applications. If you
experience crashes you can try setting the environment
variable __GL_SINGLE_THREADED to 1. For more information
please consult the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section in
the file /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README.

If anyone has any ideas on anything to check or what to put somewhere, please let me know. Also, where does the __GL_SINGLE_THREADED option exists? What file? Where?

Any and all information is appreciated. Primarily I am concerned with the freezing in full screen modes. However, I am just as concerned that my file above is totally correct and nothing seems outta place, wrong or not running as it seems it should be.

Kind regards,
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