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Did you even read the post and try to understand the example I gave?
Your examples do nothing to validate your claim. Tell me how those examples make 3dmark a piece of garbage. That is entirely the point here.

3dmark always scores the highest real world performing cards highest... And it always has. Which cards score the highest right now? The Ti4600s... which cards have the highest performance in real world games right now? The Ti4600s... Tell me how 3dmark is incorrect then.

When the Radeon 9700 comes out it will have the highest performance in games, and in 3dmark... So, how is 3dmark not a valid comparison? How could you say, "Well, the GeSpectral 10x scores 50k in 3dmark, and the GeCorpDan 10x scores 10k, but those scores mean absolutely nothing and I prefer the CorpDan."

You couldnt say that, because 3dmark benches pretty much every viable piece of the 3d accelerator for DirectX 8.
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