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Default Re: question about oqvist

oqvist was just unlucky. To conserve disk space I wrote a little perl script on the server that runs at 2 am every morning. Each night it randomly selects 3 forum members and deletes their accounts. The selection algorithm is weighted by number of posts and time of membership, so its usually unused/barely used forum accounts that get the canning.

Most of the time it picks people who joined but never posted, or people who haven't posted in years, so the deletes go completely unnoticed. Occasionally at quiet times like this, it runs out of "dead" accounts to delete and it picks out someone who is a newbie who is actively posting, but still has a low post count. Its unfortunate, but unless you guys want to pay a forum membership fee, its just the way things have to be. It sucks, but disk space isn't free.

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