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Unhappy Buffer underrun errors

Hi there, wondering if anyone can help

I have a USB modem under Fedora Core 1 that works very well when using the drivers (new 2.9.6 version).

If I install Fedora Core 1.0 "as is" the modem works very very well.

If however I install the nvidia graphics driver (1.0-5336), and the nforce drivers (0261) then the modem dies un ugly death. Basically I can dial up, connect to my ISP and then surf the web. however, about 2 minutes into the connection, it flatlines and there is no more data transferred in or out of the system, but the connection is still up. If I exit X and go to a console (ctrl+alt+F1) the following message is streaming down the screen:

ST7554: fifo underrun!

Does anybody have any idea how this could be solved??

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