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Default Re: Nvidia command line parameters?


Thank you, that did get rid of the command line error, i was thinking of peanuts and not Linux obviously. I still have the problem with specifying the path to my kernel source however, the installation routine starts and tells me that the path i am typing in does not contain the kernel source and points out that i should be looking for a file in the format of 'kernel.h'

Is there a standard file i can search for so that i can just type the path into for this programe? Meaning, in Linux is every kernel file the same name or does it vary from one distribution to another? Using White Box Linux i am guessing there may be a specific file to search for, but again i am guessing. I'm now trying to track down what exactly is my kernel file path, but the directories that i am searching (/lib/modules/) seem to branch off in 30 or so directions.
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