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A couple of things to keep in mind with the AGP configuration on Linux 2.6.x is that the AGPGART driver was split into chipset specific backend modules (intel-agp.ko, nvidia-agp.ko, ...) and a frontend module (agpgart.ko); when the NVIDIA driver's NvAGP XFree86 configuration parameter is unchanged or when AGPGART is specifically requested, the driver will request that agpgart.ko be loaded (unless already loaded), but it is up to the user to configure modprobe such that the appropriate backend module is loaded - AGPGART will not be able to initialize without it. If AGPGART initialization fails, the NVIDIA driver will fall back to its builtin NvAGP driver, but will abort if it finds agpgart.ko present (as documented). If NvAGP is requested specifically and agpgart.ko is not loaded, the driver will attempt to initialize and use it.
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