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Thanks for the help guys! I actually decided to take the risk and install the NVIDIA video drivers. After much work, I finally have them working!

Now I have another 2 questions:
1. ) The print server in RH 7.1+ is different from the previous versions. I'm not sure how to add my Samsung ML-1210 laser printer (USB). So far I tried adding it in the CUPS Printer Configuration. It worked and I even managed to print a test page. However, how do I print anywhere else? (ie: in Mozilla or in an emacs terminal?) What is the proper print command? I tried the lp command but it doesn't seem to work.

2.) I want to install SB Audigy drivers from It states in the instructions that I need the source code to my kernel available. I checked under /usr/src/redhat, but all the directories are empty. I'm wondering where I could obtain the source code? (I don't want to recompile)

Thanks again!!
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