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Default Re: Just installed Mandrake 10, fist linux, can't run 5336

i had the same problem as you do guys, and i looked hi and low for the solution but nothing helped. installed sources and everything. finally after having a only few more hairs left in my head and some long staring at the screen, i managed to get it working.

i installed the latest kernel patches along with the sources. when you do a urpmi, check the versions to make sure the kernel and the sources match. my kernel version is 2.6.3-9mdk-i686-up-4GB, and i managed to find those sources as well. install kernel-source and kernel-source_stripped. i got this advice from another forum. you also have the latest 5336 nvidia glx and kernel rpms on your cd3 under a directory called NVIDIA.

but my troubles are not over yet. XFdrake can't deal with my riva tnt2 ultra card - yeah my system is a bit outdated - even though X runs fine. it can test the vanilla tnt card but not the tnt2 or tnt2 ultra. i have 3d but still slower than when i had mandrake 9.x before. before i installed the l5336 drivers i didn't have opengl at all, but now i do. i remember previously with mandrake 9.2 i had 800fps in glxgears, and now i can only do 70+. does anyone have 5336 working properly on a tnt2 ultra?

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