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Default mandrake 10 on A7N266, great except tux racer

Don't laugh, my 6 year old son is a Tux Racer fanatic.

After killing the better part of four days trying to Fedora to run right on my nforce, I DL'd Mandrake 10 Community Edition, installed. It recognized all the nvidia stuff, seemed to go really well. I got up on net, got email, burned a CD, surfed, all that. I'm happy, it runs good. But, (there's always a but) when I brought up Tux Racer it's running at about 1FPS--literally. I had this with Fedora, but when I finally got the nvidia drivers to work it was fixed. Now, Mandrake 10 everything works but Tux is too slow to run. I've searched a lot, can't find this issue addressed anywhere. It might be some openGL problem? I noticed when I had Tux or Chromium up the terminal window I had got all hosed up. Typed in repetive chars, long pauses, all that.
anybody got any bright ideas?

BTW, I admin Solaris boxes in my day job so I'm not completely helpless, but I don't know where to start debugging this problem, or do I just need an updated driver or something? I don't see much in the messages file that's helpful. Somebody mentioned something about checking the dma mode of the disk? it's using dma.

Thx for any help.


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