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Default GTK2 + NVIDIA Modules ( Please Help )

HI Everyone,
For the last month, I have been through hell and then
straight into the frying pan and then back to hell.

And I beg you people to save me,... have mercy..

Any ... I repeat ANY GTK2 application causes the X server to commit a
hard crash. I have tried Xorg 6.7.0, Xorg HEAD CVS, XFree86 4.4, XFree86

I have tried GTK 2.4... then back to GTK 2.2... I have tried NVIDIA
modules from the 4 series 4xxx to 5 5xxx to the newest 5341.

I got so frustrated, that I COMPLETELY reinstalled my BELFS system....

Guess what? Same problem... I then again tried various combinations of
the above applications to no success.

For testing, I use the Hello World example... I recompile it every time
I start the X server and then try running it.. EVERY time the X server
crashes saying: Fatal Server Error. Caught Signal 11. If unresolved symbols were reported above... they might be the reason why the server crashed. However there is no symbols above.. just informational messages on how the mouse was sucessfully configured.

I tried with 'start -- -logverbose 5' ... not a single more beep of
message concerning this error (even in the XFree86.0.log).

My BELFS System:
Linux 2.6.5
Gcc 3.4.0
Glibc 2.3.4 (cvs branch) (TLS)

I know its not a hardware problem, because my backup parition with
Slackware 9.1, has the 2.6.5 kernel with XFree86 4.3 running
NVIDIA-5336 perfectly.

ALso its only with GTK 2 applications (GTK 1 are fine). ALso all GL
applications run fine. I just ran UT 2004 with 50 fps average on this
LAPTOP.. ... Just need GTK 2 to work PLEASE!..

Also the open source nv drivers work fine for GTk2 applications... (I
can't test OPENGL on them because closed-source nvidia installed its own

I hope you can help me.

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