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Default Re: Support for 4K stack in the next kernel?

Originally Posted by SuLinUX
It will be in the kernel but as a option in the xconfig, you dont need to worry about it.
you are wrong!
it will _not_ be in any config. that quote was form 2.6.6-rc3-mm2. and if you take a look in the kernel mailing-list, you can find this post:
> On Wednesday 05 May 2004 10:31, you wrote:
> > +make-4k-stacks-permanent.patch
> >
> > Fill my inbox.
> Hi Andrew!
> Is there any reason why this patch was applied? Because NVidia users can't
> work with the original drivers now without removing this patch every time.

We need to push this issue along quickly. The single-page stack generally
gives us a better kernel and having the stack size configurable creates
another interesting posting
Wrong place to ask Go, ask NVidia for a solution. Their driver would
long be working with 4K stacks if they had open-sourced it...
greets Bn
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