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Default How to nForce2 driver install

I am new to Linux but this is what I am trying to do.

I am using Fedora core 1 on my nForce2 AK79G-max motherboard.Fedora could not find my ethernet adapter.So I went to Nvidia and downloaded drivers in a tar and rpm format.There where not any Fedora specific drivers so I download the source rpm and kernel tar files.

I got the rpm and unzipped tar files on my desktop in Fedora.I decide to try the rpm first.I double clicked on it and nothing seemed to happen.I rebooted and my ethernet adapter was not detected.

Is there supposed to be a dialogue box when you use a rpm?How can I tell if it did anything?

Next I moved on to the tar files.The whole ball of wax has a make file.Then each folder(e.g. net,audio,etc) has it's own make file.Seeing as my primary concern is being able to get on the web I choose the net folder and clicked on the make file.I thought it would make drivers.Instead it just opened the make file in a text format.


1)How can I see if the RPM actually did anything?

2)How can I use the net folders make file to install drivers.

3)If the drivers do install will rebooting detect the ethernet adapter?Will it show up as a device in my network settings?
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