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Default Re: nvidia.ko not found, even with module-init-tools installed!

Not sure if this'll be of help, since I'm not versed in that distro, but most distro's I've used require (in order for modprobe, be it modutils, or module-init-tools) for a certain symbol to be pointing to the kernel that was built from source (or at least that you have source for):

The symbol is, in your case:

"/lib/modules/", which has to point to (in your case), /usr/src/linux-

To make this right, do something like this:

$ rm /lib/modules/
$ ln -s /usr/src/linux- /lib/modules/

Now the hard part: This will only (possibly, I hope) get modprobe to look in the right place, but I can't (or didn't look hard enough) tell from what you've done whether you've actually compiled the kernel source yourself, thus populating /lib/modules/ with the modules actually produced by this compilation of yours.

If you built your own kernel from that source, then you should just run ./ (whatever it's called) with no options, allowing it to build using the ./build symbolic you just created (which also should equate to what you see from a 'uname -r' cmd) and try a modprobe as soon as it's done.

Looking back at what I've written, I can see it'll be a miracle if it works, but maybe is worth a shot

The main flaw with this is that /lib/modules/{uname -r}/build would be correct already if you'd built your own kernel, so I suggest your make your own, enabling the 8k stacks if you want it to work. The $make modules_install part of the kernel build populates /lib/modules/{uname -r} with that link & with all the selected modules you built. After that, nvidia install should be trivial compared to what you've gotten thus far.



Originally Posted by YeLoW
More info, I followed these steps from another thread:

./ --extract-only
make install

Program started compiling, then I get this error:

FATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/ Invalid module format

When I do depmod -a and then modprobe nvidia, same thing. The nvidia.ko file is in /lib/modues/

Dunno what is wrong. My /usr/src/linux directory is linked to my kernel-source-2.6.5 directory. I'm confused, the different numbers, is that what is screwing things up?
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