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Originally Posted by NightFire
Wow...lot's of banning going on.
I've only been here a few weeks, maybe even a month, but is it always this busy, or do the idiots and trolls only pop up during major product releases?
There are idiots and trolls every day/week around here. But they tend to concentrate more during product launches. We used to get lots of Rage3D refugees, especially during the R8500/GeForce3 days (ah the memories).

Kudos are definitely in order to MikeC (site owner), JuiceZ (forum admin) and all the other mods for their fine work in trying to keep things under control. This forum is one of the best on the web. This place has been my Internet home since January 2001, and though there have been some rough times, nV News remains leaps and bounds above most computer tech sites out there. For news and overall quality, I think this place is right up there with Anand.
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