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Default Re: unable to determine the nvidia kernel module filename under suse 9.0

The problem is probably that you do not have the kernel sources installed. I don't know what they are called in SUSE, but I expect them to contain the word "kernel". So, what you have to do is:

* determine which kernel you are running
* install the correct packages for this kernel

The first one is easy, type this at the prompt:

# uname -r

It will give you the version number of your current kernel. Now, mount the SUSE installation cd's
(put them in the drive and type "mount /mnt/cdrom" or "mount /cdrom") and try to find files containing the kernel version number. If you have a package manager (I think yast will do), use that if you want.

In any case install the package that looks like it contains the sources for your kernel. Now you should be able to run the Nvidia installer script without errors.
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