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Originally Posted by NightFire
Wow...lot's of banning going on.
I've only been here a few weeks, maybe even a month, but is it always this busy, or do the idiots and trolls only pop up during major product releases?
Good job on catching everyone though.
The admin must work very hard.
Do you guys get paid?
Who is your master?
Take me to your leader...
There are some people with nothing better in life to do than to be a threadclown. They must get a real kick out of it or something, sad. At any rate, yes it does pick up around product launches and script kiddies think they are some kind of Billy Bad Ass genius because they've "discovered" what even my grandmother knows about and that is proxy servers and other methods of masking/changing their IP address or the like. Anyone can do it. It's not cute or clever, just lame.
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