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Originally Posted by MaxPower
Look, our patience as moderators is very, very thin at best right about now. Why push it? Actions are louder than words and by that cliche you've been extremely loud lately. You're not making constructive posts, you only appear to be a threadclown and once recognized as that the only way to shake that stigma is to pipe down and make sensible posts like the majority of members here. Others may very well be doing things similar to what you're doing. We do the best we can. You wanted our attention, however, and've got it. You're in no position to play the victim here.

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?
I understand that I am not a victim and that it is Mike's house. I think that my banning may have been a mistake, if it wasn't then I will leave. I just feel that there was no reason to ban me. If you guys feel it was just then I will respect your decision wholeheartedly and go about my way.
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