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Default Xv not working anymore after viewing many videos


I would like to submit a problem i've found no info on, and which has been showing for several driver versions. When viewing videos, my player (Xine) uses Xv extensions, which works great most of the time.

The problem appears after having viewed many videos (like 80-90 videos, no matter the video length). When viewing those 80-90 videos, everything works great, but when i quit the player and launch another video, the Xv window does not show any video, only a large dark blue rectangle covering all the video area.

When this happens, i can't view any video anymore, using any player. There are only two solutions :
- use something other that Xv to display the video, but the result is slow or crappy or not working
- shutdown the Xfree, unload the nvidia module then start Xfree again (if i shutdown and launch Xfree again without unloading the nvidia module, the problem is still here)

The problem appears in fullscreen or windowed video playing.

It happens only when :
- launching a new video : quitting the player and launching it with another video
- switching desktop : if the video is playing or paused on one desktop, switching to another and coming back on the video one can make the problem happen (video turn all dark blue)

It never happened while viewing a video, staying on the same virtual desktop.

My config :

Celeron 1300Mhz, 512MB SDRAM on an Asustek TUSL2-C motherboard
Leadtek GeForce 4 Ti 4200 VIVO (BIOS version
Slackware Linux with 2.4.24 kernel
NVIDIA driver version 5336 (problem was already present in version 4496)

If it is of some interest, my box has an uptime of 18 days and i encountered this problem two times in this period.
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