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Originally posted by Mono
that sucks dude.. Matrox engineers have always been pretty innovative plus the cards were top notch quality. A shame thier getting reemed by tards who prolly have a community college degree in buisness.. or might as well.
Bah, Community College is great! Went there for my first 2.5 years of post-HS work. The teachers were generally at least of the same caliber as the lower-division teachers here at UC Davis. But the greatest thing is that I have no debt from those years, significantly reducing the amount I'm going to have to pay back.

Of course, people who go to CC and stop aren't being very intelligent...but there's absolutely nothing wrong with CC.

Anyway, back on topic. It is too bad that Matrox is going down the tubes, though I think the primary reason is that they didn't do a good job trying to continually break into the gaming market. Quite simply, their engineers just aren't good enough at designing a product for 3D games to succeed there. Hopefully they'll still be able to go back and focus on their primary market: business. If they can work on producing more solid business cards, and perhaps go for 3D workstation-level cards, they may still be able to stay in the game.

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