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Arrow Re: Can't install 1.0-5332 for AMD 64 -- MDK 10 b2

Originally Posted by dylansm
Thanks for asking that -- I used their patched installer just now and it installed without any problems (I thought I had already tried that, but I guess not).

Now if I can only figure out the FX86Config-4 file. I haven't been able to use the driver yet -- each time I change the settings, X won't start: it says found screen but configuration isn't correct. Guess I'll keep tinkering with it.

Thanks again!
What I had to do to get that driver working was to do a modprobe nvidia, then startx. I then added the line modprobe nvidia to my /etc/rc.d/rc.local file right above the touch /var/~ line (last line in the file). Now the driver loads durring boot and all is well. Now if only UT2004 would load maps faster than the 5-7 min. that it is taking. If I remember correctly, nvidia had some trouble with UT once before. They were very quick to fix that one. I am wondering if there might be a problem with this one??

    if [ -f /etc/security/msec/$SECURE_LEVEL ]; then
	cat /etc/security/msec/$SECURE_LEVEL > /etc/
    elif [ -f /etc/security/msec/ ]; then
	cat /etc/security/msec/ > /etc/
	rm -f /etc/

modprob nvidia
touch /var/lock/subsys/local
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