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Default Re: GTK2 + NVIDIA Modules ( Please Help )

@SimFox3: if you can it might be best to start all over again with a fresh install indeed. Your problem does look an awful lot like it's really a GTK2 problem, possibly related to X. It's less likely to be an Nvidia problem.

Try reinstalling GTK2, or the whole distribution if necessary, but also check whether your firmware/bios is up to date (can't hurt, can it? ;-).

By the way, strace and ltrace are programs that allow you to see what system or library calls are made when running a program. You simply invoke them like "strace <program>" (man strace for more information). Given the nature of your problem, it is quite unlikely that this will turn up anything useful -- but if you can run a strace and ltrace for me, that wouldn't hurt either.
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