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Default Re: Buffer underrun errors

hey There hppng

Ok, i played around last night and the following has been found! The nforce drivers work perfectly and have no problem working the modem and I dialed up perfectly las night. the problem is in the video card. most notibly, when the graphics card uses some power, eg, going into X from a consol, the fifo underrun error occurs.

I've pretty much given up and I'm just going to live with the built in linux "nv" driver for now. till fedora core 2 comes out with the 2.6 kernel. then i'll try again from there.

thanx for the help so far. what i did see and i forgot to bring the file in this morning is if I run "cat /proc/interrupts" with out the graphics card driver running, then all of the resources have there own irq and there is no sharing, if i install the driver and start X, the same command shows that "nvidia" is sharing with another resource? might be an issue here.

Also tried those option in the kernel line and didn't help

thanx again, Michael
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