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Default Re: Not able to install drivers in Debian Linux!

You must have the kernel sources installed somewhere, the easiest is if they are in the default /usr/src/linux. Usually, /usr/src/linux is a symbolic link to /usr/src/linux-<version>.

Your problem doesn't have anything to do with a pre-compiled kernel, because without a kernel image you won't be able to boot at all. What's probably the case, is that the installer doesn't have a pre-compiled version of its own kernel interface. That's usually not a problem at all, because then it will offer you to try and get it off the Nvidia FTP server, or, as a final resort, it will compile the kernel interface (the module).

So, what *exactly* is the message you are getting? Most probably, you will have to compile the nvidia driver, it could be that the building process stumbles upon another problem, like missing kernel sources.
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