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Default Re: ~ | Official Painkiller Feedback Thread! | ~

The first Painkiller patch has been released. Here's the changelog for v. 1.15:

1.15 Painkiller Update - A variety of game enhancements, changes, and bug
fixes have been implemented in the 1.15 version of the game. They include:

Multiplayer improvements and fixes:
- NEW: new map, DM_Cursed
- NEW: full warmup mode for TDM and PCF modes, partial warmup for
- NEW: demo recording and playback incl. time control (slow down/speed up)
- NEW: spectator mode with 3 different views: FPS/TPP/Free
- NEW: voting system, including map change, kickbans, etc.
- NEW: experimental prediction code ("prediction"/"pushlatency")
- NEW: server info incl. map/mode/fps/etc. info;
- NEW: clearer info when getting "Gamespy Key in use or bad"
- NEW: now when the player shoots at the enemy wearing Invincibility
he will hear enemy's "shield" sound
- NEW: Powerup Drop and Powerups options now added
- NEW: players can commit suicide with "KILL" command
- NEW: remaining time info displayed now every minute
- NEW: players can now switch between spec/play mode either via console
command or by hitting Space when in Spec mode
- NEW: players can switch the team during the game (stats will be reset)
- NEW: info what MP map is being loaded
- NEW: stats music added
- NEW: "Disconnect" option in the menu
- NEW: players can see their fps via "showfps" command
- CHANGE: improved respawning logic
- CHANGE: BrightSkins are On by default now
- CHANGE: with BrightSkins On, player model in PLAYER SETUP now shows
as non-BrightSkin
- CHANGE: players can now play LAN sessions with no access to the Internet
- CHANGE: private server with no Internet access is now visible in LAN
- CHANGE: redesigned items/respawns on several maps
- CHANGE: clients now get vertical speed boost when respawning in PCF mode
- CHANGE: players cannot abuse ElectroDisc during Voosh and other
- CHANGE: ElectroDriver beams are more optimized
- FIX: teamskins are now correctly displayed for the new players
- FIX: exploding barrels now correctly remove frags from the dead player
instead of adding them to the enemy
- FIX: now Electro beam actually works when fired near the enemy and then
moved onto him (previously in such situation the beam did 0 damage)
- FIX: rockets do not appear like they bounce off the ground sometimes
- FIX: numerous sound fixes (eg. PainKiller pain sounds, ElectroDisc
sounds, chaingun loop etc.)
- FIX: clients now see PainKiller's beam
- FIX: SayTeam now works correctly
- FIX: lava now does damage on when server is dedicated
- FIX: taking Invincibility no longer crashes clients
- FIX: loading wrong level issue fixed
- FIX: clients using PainKiller on walls no longer can be heard on server
- FIX: fake model exploit removed
- FIX: ElectroDriver autoaim exploit removed
- FIX: holding Forward during respawn now works correctly
- FIX: players now can hear enemy's jump sounds
- FIX: next/previous weapon keys now work properly
- FIX: team score is now stored even if a player drops the game
- FIX: Rage/WM bearer's sounds can be heard by the client now
- FIX: spectator were not able to go through teleports
- FIX: speccing quad no longer gives blue flickering
- FIX: TAB during warmup stops the player now
- FIX: dedicated server remembers map/mode configs
- FIX: map/callvote map change displays the map name correctly
- FIX: callvote kick no longer crashes the dedicated server
- FIX: typing KILL in spectator mode crashed ded.server

Singeplayer improvements and fixes:
- NEW: benchmarking system for both graphic cards and processors
- NEW: patching system with supporting .dat files
- CHANGE: gamma correction/brightness/contrast setup now works via a slider
- CHANGE: gamma correction is saved correctly now
- CHANGE: Demon Morph frags now more spectacular
- CHANGE: players can bind all keys now (like numpad Enter etc.)
- CHANGE: amputee in the Town level now has his own sound fx
- CHANGE: witch no longer "shakes" while flying
- CHANGE: special red souls have now their own sound
- CHANGE: music no longer plays during Demon Morph/Haste
- CHANGE: CD start-up dialogues improved
- FIX: starting new SP game after MP session no longer results in a
random blinking screen
- FIX: savegames with Executioner firing beams
- FIX: savegames with an objects thrown by the enemy
- FIX: script error when the player kills PsychoElectro on the electric chair
- FIX: Prison's PsychoElectro had no electric beams after load
- FIX: players with Last Breath card now cannot survive when they jump into
the water/jump out of the level
- FIX: Babel's stones now always hurt the player
- FIX: numerous smaller bugs

The warmup modes and demo recording sound pretty neat. This is a hefty download, though at ~45 mb. Go to for file mirrors.
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