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Default GeForceFX 5200 Ultra for $75? Good deal? Other recommendations?

So I have a chance to buy a GeForceFX 5200 Ultra for $75. That is the Ultra, so it's not the crappy 64-bit version, and has 128mb ram.

Since I toasted my 5900XT this is about all I can afford for a few months.

The reason I'm considering this over a GeForce4 Ti is because when any anti-aliasing is applied, it seems to pull well ahead of that generation of card (even the Ti4600). The games I play mostly - Starfleet Command, Tribes 2, Sub Command - are all in the 'older' variety and are perfectly possible to anti-alias even on this card with minimal performance hit.

Right *now* I had picked up a FX5200 at a local PC shop for $70 (needed a card NOW), but can return it. It's a 64-bit non-Ultra. Amazing crap, but, believe it or not, can still play Tribes 2 great....with no anti-aliasing at all. Which is something I want to fix.

$75 is really as high as I can go for the time being - is this a good card for that, or should I shop around more? (As knowledgeable as I am about the high-end cards, I know jack squat about budget cards, as I haven't had to buy one in a LONG time)
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