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Default Re: GeForceFX 5200 Ultra for $75? Good deal? Other recommendations?

Hmm, for an FX5200u that's not bad, but I'd definatly pick the Geforce4ti first. AA *should* be almost the same speed, the only FX cards with the enhanced AA engine is the FX5600 and up. What benchmarks show the FX5200 pulling ahead with AA? All the ones I saw put the ti4200 ahead in pretty much every settings (unless you're using 12xAA or something maybe )

Hey if you're *really* hurting for a card, I might be able to loan you my GF3 (with collateral, of course). It should give roughly FX5200 performance, and overclocks quite well. It just seems kinda wasteful to have to buy a new card when you're probably just going to replace it soon (well, from the sound of it, I couldn't imagine someone who likes high AA living with a pre-GFFX/9x00 card!).
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