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Unhappy Re: DFP and TV: I want DFP to be the primary display!

I'm having the same problem, but with DFP and CRT. The docs seem to imply that the ordering of the ConnectedMonitors setting might do something here, but doesn't actually sayanything to that effect (although I find the example of "ConnectedMonitors "CRT, CRT"" to be confusing, since the rest of the docs seem to assume, at the most, one of each kind of connection (DFP, TV, CRT). There is no option to specify which connection is the "secondary" one with Twinview -- I think it's using the wrong timings (which just so happen to work anyway); before I starting trying to get multiple screens/twinview working, I have X configured to use a single DFP display. So I went about configuring the "secondary" display to my CRT monitor. But it seems that I was actually specifying the monitor modes for the DFP I already had working.

I really want my better display, the 21" DFP, to be X's screen 0, and my crappy, older 19" CRT to be Screen 1. I personally think it would make more sense to have DFP take priority, then CRT, then TV, but the ideal method would be being able to specify the connection to use for each setting (for twinview, a SecondaryMonitorConnection option, maybe?, or even better a ConnectedTo option in the Device section, for the mulitple card setup).
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