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Unhappy SuSE 9.1: no sound with nForce

I have upgraded to SuSE 9.1 pro (Kernel 2.6.4) and everything runs �
perfectly, except the Audio.
It does not seem to work overall, I tried to install the Audio Driver from the nV Page according to the instructions with the same effect.

I dont hear any audio, no testsamples, no MP3s, nothing works audio-wise even though XMMS for example plays an mp3 file without complaining about a invalid soundcard.
Volumelevels and PCM are on 100.

Here is what Yast/Hardware/Sound has detected:
Amount: [0]
Cardmodel: nForce Audio
Status: �Running

Under Cardoptions I have 4 entries:
Description: Ac 97 Codec �Frequency (0=Automatic Detection)
Option: Ac97_clock
Value: 0 �

Descrition: AC 97 Workaround for unusual Hardware �(??)
Option: ac97_quirk
Value: -1

Description: �Activating Joystick for intel i8x0 Soundcard
Option: Joystick �
Value: 0

Description: mpu 401 Port # for intel i8x0 Driver �
Option: mpu_port
Value: none

What should I do to get it to work?

Edit: I just looked into my /lib/Modules/2.6.4-54/Kernel/drivers folder and guess what: It doesnt even have a Sound folder in there with a driver.
How do I set it up?

Thanks in advance,

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