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Red face Success with installing 1.0 5336 But.....

I have successfully installed the nvidia driver with the installation program and have learned a great many things about linux in the process. However now that it is installed i can't seem to use it in suse 9.0. I was informed to use the command (SAX2 -M 0=NVIDIA) but when i enter this command the screen does some weird things before going to a desktop screen with no changes afterwards. to be more specific. the screen goes black then grey with the cursor on the gray screen looking like a large X then goes back to my desktop. if i run the command as the root user i get the message: sax initialising, and then the error message: SaX: ups lost card during probing... abort so now i have no idea what to do in this situation and I am looking for anyone else using suse 9.0 who may be able to assist in a fix.

thanks in advance
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