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Default Re: GeForceFX 5200 Ultra for $75? Good deal? Other recommendations?

Originally Posted by Geforce4ti4200
is the fx5600 NON ultra really better than the ti4200? someone says its iq is much better, especially in farcry. I told him to sell the fx5600 and buy a ti4200, was I right or not
Well the FX5600NU will handle AA/AF a little better and give DX9 compatibility... however I compared benchmarks for a R8500, TI4400, and FX5600NU in an AXP1700 & K7S5A motherboard. In 3dmark2k1 at 1024x768 @ 32bit color @ 85hz w/ no AA/AF:

TI4400 about 11000
R8500 about 10000
FX5600NU about 9000

So the FX5600NU isn't that bad a card, but clearly it's behind in the times. It will get the job done but don't expect miracles from it. In your case, I'm afraid it was bad advice, the TI4200 will out perform the FX5600NU in most games except DX9 ones, and even then it's DX9 capability is limited unless you're willing to play at 800x600.
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