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Default Re: Getting GLX to work ...

Thx hppnq for your prompt reply.

However, I did install nvidia-glx.

The four main steps to install the nvidia drivers the debian way mentioned in the link I provided are:
1. Install the kernel module source.
2. Build and install the kernel and kernel module.
3. Install the user-space libraries.
4. Update your configuration.

Step #3 is installing the nvidia-glx package.
I tried uninstalling it and see what would happen, but my x server would not even start until I installed nvidia-glx again. So I guess part of nvidia-glx works, but what I would like is some better debugging tools other than my XFree log file that does not help at all.

Is there a way to manually load nvidia-glx and see what it prints out as errors? I can work outside of my X session if needed.

Thanks in advance,
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