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Default Re: GeForceFX 5200 Ultra for $75? Good deal? Other recommendations?

In your case, I'm afraid it was bad advice, the TI4200 will out perform the FX5600NU in most games except DX9 ones, and even then it's DX9 capability is limited unless you're willing to play at 800x600.
And, with FSAA on, the 5600NU pulls ahead of the Ti4200-8x nicely.

XBitLabs has done a recent roundup with both cards in it. 5600NU wins the DX9 tests and the tests with FSAA on them unless it's a pure DX8 game with VERY simple shaders (which actually counts for a lot of them).

In any case, I don't think I'd like that card. In fact, I'd probably hate it after a while. And I just can't see spending $80 on a card I know I'll hate. Either I have to scrape together the funds to get a REAL card (and probably forgo upgrading ANYTHING at ALL this year as a result), or just get some cheapo $40 GeForce4 MX. I mean, if I *know* I'm going to hate it either way, I'd rather have spent only $40 on it instead of $80.
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