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Default Re: 2.6.5 and "Badness in pci_find_subsys"

Originally Posted by msillence
Bought a new graphics card (Nvidia mx4000) and low and behold problems are gone.
Using the same 5336 driver and 2.6.5 kernel and same mb/memory. Just not using the built in graphics card any more.

So it looks like for me at least it was a memory hardware issue, nasty in that without running anything graphical, memory tests passed OK.

Thanks and hope this saves someone some time.

Hmmz, you're right. With 4363 the amount of problems with the driver have enormously decreased. But pci_find_subsys badness still occurs I found out yesterday. I tried to watch a movie using mplayer and it locked up my 3 times. I didn't have another computer around to SSH in and kill X to omit a reboot but luckily I could get it to sync/umount/reboot quite nicely using the SysRq system.

Anyway, after the reboot I checked out my kernel-logfiles and it seems that at the time of the crash some nasty pci_find_subsys badnesses popped up.

I really hope this will get fixed soon. I'm able to get around the sometimes bad performance, the missing/partially-working/non-userfriendly features and that kind of stuff. But a stable driver that doesn't crash X should be a must within one or two months.

BTW, I read here and there that nVidia's drivers are made up by 90% code from a shared codebase across Windows/Linux/FreeBSD. The remaining 10% is OS-specific. Isn't that the part that IS opensource in the Linux-kernel driver?
Probably not, otherwise they would've been fixed already I suppose. Just a thought, I don't really know much about the inner workings of the nvidia-driver or any hardware driver at all...
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