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Question Re: Instability w/ 2.6.6

Originally Posted by thinkliberty
from the change log
[ACPI] workaround for nForce2 BIOS bug: XT-PIC timer in IOAPIC mode "acpi_skip_timer_override" boot parameter

this should help the stablility but you have to place "acpi_skip_timer_override" as boot parameter
Great, I'll try that...
Originally Posted by thinkliberty
There is also

[PATCH] fixup for C1 Halt Disconnect problem on nForce2 chipsets
Based on information provided by "Allen Martin" <>:

A hang is caused when the CPU generates a very fast CONNECT/HALT cycle
sequence. Workaround is to set the SYSTEM_IDLE_TIMEOUT to 80 ns.
This allows the state-machine and timer to return to a proper state within
80 ns of the CONNECT and probe appearing together. Since the CPU will not
issue another HALT within 80 ns of the initial HALT, the failure condition
is avoided.
So what do i need to do with this? This is just included in the kernel, right? There's nothing I need to enable here?
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